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Helping you find the right medications & supplements based on your genetics!


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Florida PGX Consulting, LLC

Dr. Melissa Smith, PharmD, CPH

My name is Dr. Melissa Smith and I am the founder and CEO of Florida PGX Consulting, LLC.  I am an Independent Consultant Pharmacist that specializes in

Pharmacogenomics (PGX), Medication Therapy Management (MTM), & Nutrigenomics Testing services. 

Precision medicine utilizing genetic testing is the way of the future for prescription and supplement management.  It helps providers better understand how patients can respond to medications and supplements before using them.  This can potentially prevent side effects, failed therapies, and the use of supplements that provide no benefit. That is why I am so passionate about providing my patients with a lifetime of informed decisions about their medications and supplements.    

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Testimonials from My Clients

I just completed my testing and review with Melissa, and I highly recommend her to anyone taking medications. I have a complicated health history and she helped me confirm my current meds and plan for the future.


Melissa was very professional, detail-oriented and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend Florida PGX Consulting. She will do an excellent job for you.


I trust FL PGX for my family. Melissa’s hard work and dedication shines through in everything she does. You will feel her compassion and expertise daily.


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