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Consulting Services

DNA Strand

Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Testing

As a Certified PGX Pharmacist Consultant I am able to order and provide you with an extensive evaluation of your PGX results.  I also reach out to your provider to help navigate any medication changes that may be necessary based off your results.


Medication Therapy Management

As APhA MTM Certified Pharmacist Consultant I am able to work with you to provide the following services:

  • Medication therapy review (MTR)

  • Personal medication record (PMR)

  • Medication-related action plan (MAP)

  • Intervention and/or referral

  • Documentation and follow-up

Acai Bowl

Nutrigenomics Testing

 As a Nutrigenomics Consultant, I can provide insight on which macronutrients (food, vitamins, and supplements) are best suited for you based on your genetics.  I can use this information to provide a more thorough evaluation of how you can improve your overall health and not waste money on unnecessary supplements you may be taking. 

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